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The Regional Development Agency of the Pardubice Region (RDA PR) is registered as a legal entity administered by the Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region. RDA PR was established in 1999 as a non-governmental, non-political and independent association of legal entities, whose task is to support the overall development of the Pardubice Region. The task of RDA PR is to represent the interests of local administration in regional institutions, to coordinate problems related to the development of towns and villages and to cooperate with central state authorities and regional administration. The largest towns in the Pardubice Region, ORLICE – the Association of towns and villages, and the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pardubice Region were the founding members.



RDA PR promotes the development of the Pardubice Region and provides support and consultation services to its members and other entities in the field of strategic planning, subsidy titles and other fields related to the regional development.

Main subject activities

  • Coordination, promotion and support of the best interests of the Pardubice region´s policy;
  • Participation in creating an entrepreneurial climate in Pardubice region, support of business activities, assertion and protection of the needs of commercial entities based in the region;
  • Provision of comprehensive services to support and coordinate economical, social and cultural development of the region. Improvement of the environment and achieving the stability in democracy, legality, human rights and the protection of minorities in accordance with the long-term strategy of the Pardubice region;
  • Close cooperation regarding the regional development with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Pardubice Region, public service departments, regional and commercial entities and the University of Pardubice;
  • Taking part in solving of the regional development strategy and selected regional projects, and fulfilling programmes of the Pardubice Region´s development;
  • Participation in the development and strengthening of transport policy and transport network of the Pardubice Region through close cooperation with state, regional and commercial entities, as well as with the University of Pardubice;
  • Acquisition and use of domestic and foreign financial resources for the regional development in cooperation with other regional agencies in the Czech Republic, participation in solving of complex tasks of the regional development of the Czech Republic according to the European Union principles;
  • Promotion of the region as an attractive tourist destination in the country, as well as abroad and activities affecting the development in this field;
  • Programme documents preparation and administration including proposals of particular projects on behalf of the region within the administration of EU structural funds or any similar investment programmes suitable for the region;
  • Organising specialised events, lectures and seminars, membership and active participation in the international organisations;
  • Consultancy, advisory services, research and expert activities, awareness-rising activities, and information services in media and on the internet;
  • Publishing of specialized publications;
  • Fund coordination and administration, and their implementation in the Pardubice Region.

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